Fouls and Penalties in Soccer

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Fouls and Penalties in Soccer, Playing soccer is indeed great. Aside from the enjoyment you might experience it is indeed true that unwanted circumstances might as well happen. Soccer also has its rules that must be regulated and should be strictly followed by the players. If disobeyed, certain penalties might be awarded as well.

As for the purpose of allowing players to play the game within a fair manner, the referee might call for fouls. The penalty coming from a foul could vary based on the type as well as severity of the foul. It might be categorized as follows:

Fouls and Penalties in Soccer

  • Minor Offenses. This will award opposing team with indirect free kick.
  • More Serious Offenses. There will be direct free kick awarded to opposing team. This is a penalty kick once it happens within the penalty box.
  • Yellow card could be provided for the repeated fouls. And second yellow card might result to red and so expulsion from playing the game.
  • The player should leave the game and must not be substituted for.

Types of Fouls

Here are some of the actions that are considered to be not allowed once playing soccer and might result to a call for foul:

  • Kicking the opponent
  • Jumping to the opponent
  • Tripping
  • Charging to the opponent
  • Tackling from behind
  • Pushing
  • Holding
  • Tackling an opponent and make contact with player before making contact with the ball
  • Touching the ball with hands

The free kick would be awarded on the spot of the foul except in the case wherein it happened in the penalty box of the opponent. In such an instance, penalty kick will then be awarded.

Penalties of Soccer

It would be a dramatic moment in a certain soccer match once the referee calls for a penalty kick. Once the defender commits the foul into the penalty box, play is being stopped and so offensive player would be given a shot on the goal wherein only the goalkeeper would play defense. Referees could take disciplinary action into the pitch once foul in one of the five areas is being committed.

  • Dangerous Play. This would cover fouls as well as misconduct including those that are considered by the referee as reckless, careless or with the use of excessive force. If player kicks, jumps, trips, charges, pushes, strikes or tackles another player would result to direct free kick. Yellow card might also be earned by a player due to egregious play. Red card and immediate ejection would be provided due to violent conduct.
  • Laws are requiring players to show good sportsmanship all the time during a certain match wherein penalties will be severe once failed to do so. If player spit into the opponent would result to red card and direct free kick. Red card might as well be shown to players that use abusive or offensive gestures or language or someone who commits serious foul during a play based on the discretion of the referee. Disputing the decision of the referee and unsportsmanlike behaviour by action or word would be punishable by yellow card.
  • Impeding Progress. Referees might call on penalties once a player impedes the progress of some other player or the soccer game itself. Direct free kicks would be awarded as for folding the opponent either by body part or by jersey. This penalty or delaying the game through preventing the goalkeeper from releasing the ball might result to indirect free kick. Referees could as well show yellow card to player that delay deliberately the restart of a certain game for any reason.
  • Touching the Ball. Players except goalkeeper could only touch the ball with their hands if a play is dead or once inbounding the ball. Direct free kick would be the result of touching the ball intentionally. It would also be a red card offense if you use your hand to prevent a goal. Though goalkeepers are allowed to touch the ball still there are as well instances wherein he could be penalized. It might include holding the ball within 6 seconds or more, touching after kicked to him, touching the ball right after releasing it and prior to other players come in contact and touching it after inbound throws. This will result to indirect free kick.

Technical Penalties. Players who have violated the technical rules of a soccer match will be penalized. The referee could provide yellow card once the defender doesn’t provide the offensive player the proper space amount once in inbound or corner kick. Yellow card will also be shown once a player enters, leaves or re-enters the field without the permission of the referee.

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