Horse racing in hongkong – Betting guide, odds, tips and information

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A horse riding performance sports is known as horse racing in hongkong – Betting guide, odds, tips and information. This game includes two or more horse riders riding horses for a competition in a set distance. This sport is one of the most ancient sports. However, the rules for the games are still the same as they were in ancient times. Different countries have different traditional ways of horse racing in betting company. The different types include using of specific horses breeds, running over different obstacles, running on a variety of track surfaces, running over varied distances, and running in different gallops.

Horse racing is purely a sport for fun and economical purposes. However, over time horse racing got associated with gambling and in 2008 it generated a market of $115 billion worth, worldwide.

We are providing the basic information about horse racing in the following content. If you are a beginner looking for horse racing guide then this is the solution.

Horse racing in hongkong – Betting guide, odds, tips and information

Horse racing in hongkong - Betting guide, odds, tips and information
Horse racing in hongkong – Betting guide, odds, tips and information

There are two types of wagers in horse racing. They are straight wagers and exotic wagers.

Straight wagers: It allows you to bet on a single horse.

  • Win: The bet is played whether your horse will come first. If that is the case, you win the bet.
  • Place: The bet is played at that your horse will take the first position or the second position. If the horse secures any one of the two top positions, you win. The total earnout for this betting type is less than that of win bet but it assures you win if the horse takes any of the two top positions.
  • Show: This bet includes the top three positions. You bet that your horse will get first, second or the third position. The winning chances are higher in this betting type but the payout is less than win or place wager.
  • Across the board: This betting type includes win, place, and show. All three types of betting can be made. But this bet is expensive because you play three bets of equal amount. If your horse takes the first position, you get the win, place and show money. If it takes the second position, you get the place and show money. If it takes the third position, you get the show money only. This bet is not supposed to be good because of expensiveness and less winning chances.
  • Win/Place, Place/Show: In this bet, you are playing multiple bets. If it is a win/place bet and the horse wins, you get the win/place money. If it takes the second position, you get the place money. Similarly, with the place/show.

Exotic wagers: These types of bets are much harder than the straight wagers. It allows for betting sites on multiple horses. However, it is the best to play straight wagers for the novice gamblers.


  1. Always follow the category of the horse on which you are playing the bet.
  2. Do not bet on every possible race. Look out for the race type and wager over selective races.
  3. To win some money, you will have to spend some money as well.
  4. Take a closer look at the horse’s past performances ad play wise.
  5. Check out for the type of horse breed. Check out the type of track and correlate it with the horse type.
  6. Track condition plays an important role in horse racing. Do look at the track condition before placing the bet.
  7. Keep an information of the horses and do not play the bets at those which are continuously falling into the lower class.
  8. Check the medical conditions of the horses. And look which type of treatment it is getting.
  9. Keep a closer look at the changing of the jockey as well. Horses get comfortable with their jockeys and might not perform well with a new trainer.

Basic tips and betting guides are given in this article. The odds of winning with different types of wagers are also discussed, and you must the check online betting site in your betting site. You need to play wise and with complete information in order to earn more profit.

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