Review and best betting guide to Hong Kong horse racing

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Review and best betting guide to Hong Kong horse racing, and it is one of the most ancient games. It includes horses, jockeys and racing tracks of course. The rules which were set for the sports online in ancient times are still being followed without any changes. However, there are a number of different strategies used in horse racing in different countries. Those include using of different types of horse breeds, using different sorts of obstacles during the game, a different set of distance, running in different gallops, and using different tracks of horse racing.

Over the time horse racing has become an important online sports in terms of gambling. In 2008, it grew a worldwide market of $115 billion. Now a number of people wager in horse racing. A variety of gamblers is involved in horse racing betting. If you are a crazy horse lover, now planning to start betting and making the profit, this is the right guide for you. We are going to provide a complete set of instructions and review related to horse racing.

Review and best betting guide to Hong Kong horse racing

Review and best betting guide to Hong Kong horse racing
Review and best betting guide to Hong Kong horse racing

There are two horse racing tracks in Hong Kong.

  • Happy Valley: The Happy valley is the oldest racing track of hong kong. The races at Happy Valley usually take place on Wednesday nights and they are more crowded and exciting. The horse racing in Happy Valley gives a tourist kind of look. In 2014 and 2015 the Happy Valley was shut down for two months. The racing took place on Sunday nights only.
  • Sha Tin: Sha Tin racing track was constructed in 1978. It could seat approximately 85000 people. It conducts almost 60% of the races throughout the horse betting sports season. All of the horses are stabled at Sha Tin as well.


The horse breed in Hong Kong used for the sport has improved gradually over time. The local horse riders could now compete with the European, Asian, and other horse racers from all over the world. The horses in Hong Kong are given special treatment in order to make them perfect for horse racing.


There are two types of betting in horse racing. The straight betting and the exotic betting. The straight betting type is comparatively easier than the exotic betting. It is recommended for the novice gamblers to play straight betting. Horse racing gambling could earn you a lot of profit if played wisely with complete basic information at hand.


Some tips for the novice gamblers are going to be discussed in the following content. These tips will help you to win more and have a fun gambling session at horse racing.

  • You do not need to bet on every race. Only play the bets on the races which seem promising to you. Betting on every race might cause you lose a lot of money.
  • Set a budget which you will use in one session. Bring the amount in cash form and do not spend more money than decided in the first place.
  • Spend money in accordance to what you are going to win. Do not play the fool and spend more money than potential win.
  • Keep a complete set of information about the horses and their medication and previous performances.
  • Keep yourself informed about the racing track. As it is one important factor, it could affect the win or lose a lot.

Horse racing is an exciting and thrilling game. If you are a crazy sports lover, make some money out of it. Win the bets by following our complete guide.

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