UEFA EURO 2016: Catch the Exciting Football Game of the Year!

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UEFA EURO 2016: Catch the Exciting Football Game of the Year! Championship is the biggest football competition between nations within the European zone. Typically, the winner here is considered as the champion of Europe within the 4-year cycle. It is also hailed as the second most watched sports tournament all over the world next to World Cup wherein almost 300-million people watched the said event last 2012.

UEFA EURO 2016: Catch the Exciting Football Game of the Year!

Henri Delaunay, a French football secretary general, then proposed Euro Cup’s idea in 1927. He dreamt of having a continental tournament however it didn’t happen only until the first Euro Cup happened in 1960, a couple of years after his death. In his memory, the said tournament’s trophy was named as “The Delaunay Trophy”.

Its first edition wasn’t that easy since there are political tensions with the Cold War and Berlin War. Netherlands, Italy, England and West Germany refused entering the qualifying stage and did not participate with the tournament maybe. Spain also withdrew once in the quarterfinals against the Soviet Union being a political protest. These events have cleared the path for these Soviets to beat the Yugoslavia with an intense final score of 2-1 as well as becoming the first champions of Europe but also the last. And up until now, UEFA EURO is popular not just within areas of Europe but globally.

This year, UEFA EURO 2016 will be played in France as well as the qualifying stage took place in the mid-year of 2015. This will be the first time that there will be 24 teams to play in group stages. Before there were only 18 teams. UEFA Euro 2016 or also known as 2016 UEFA European Championship is the 15th edition of the UEFA Euro Championship which is the quadrennial international football championship for men in Europe being organized by the UEFA. This year’s championship will be held on June 10 to July 10, 2016 in France.

What to expect?

There are numbers of exciting things that you should expect from this event. In connection to that, every hosting city has already started with renovations, constructions and repair projects in order to make everything smoother.

This will be the first time also that 24 different teams will play since up until now there are only 16 separate team who were able to compete one at a time. Since France is hosting the said event, they are to qualify automatically however; there are still 23 open spots for those to win the chance of competing. The winning team would automatically gain entry to the FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia next year, which is known as a worldwide soccer-sporting event, which is not limited only for European countries. On the other hand, since Germany comes as being the latest World Cup Champion, many are expecting whether they are to rise as the new football super power against Spain.

Likewise, UEFA Euro 2016 championship will be witness this coming June 10 as well as will run by July 10, 2016.  As one of the most sought-after football competition all over the world, it is already expected that it will feature best players and teams globally competing in a match after another. It could be the best chance this 2016 to watch and cheer for your favourite players while they are fighting for their country.

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